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About Me

When I was eleven I took a picture of my grandfather that inspires me today. It wasn't a special occasion, he did little more than pause long enough for me to click the shutter, but that photo absolutely captured who he was; from his easy smile and twinkling eyes to the cobwebs on his cap and the barn in the background. When I look at it I can remember that day, that moment, very clearly. Now that he's gone I treasure it more than any other.

As a Mom I find myself a little panicked by how fast my kids are growing-up. I take photos in an effort to stop time. I'm afraid one day I'll have a hard time remembering the best moments, the little ones, so I try to collect all their grins, smirks, laughs, and even blank stares; not just the "Sit Still and Say Cheese" smiles.

That is what I like to do for my clients. To beautifully capture those moments and expressions that you see everyday.

So you can keep them forever.