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How I work

My best photo shoots are really playdates during which I take a bunch of pictures. I feel like it's my job to capture your children's smiles and smirks, not their job to give them to me. The more our time together is about having fun, the better.

I am a natural light, on location photographer. What this means is there are no bright flashes of light to alarm little ones and no strange studio they have to get used to. I'm all about comfort. You and I will discuss the best place and time for our session, usually at your home or favorite park. Once we get together, I'll look for a spot with the best light and away we go.

My sessions last as long as they need to, it all depends on my subjects, but usually between an hour or two. (Frankly my biggest problem is stopping, I could stay, snapping away all day.) I've had amazing shoots that last all of twenty minutes and another that went almost three hours because my newborn subject just wouldn't wake-up!

After our time together, I'll go through all the photos I've taken and post thirty or more for you to choose from. They will be here on my site in a password protected gallery for you to peruse and order from. It's as easy as that.